At Instant Memories Children we want to photograph your children as they grow.. Typically a child changes every 6 months, and what better way to capture these subtle changes than having them photographed on a regular basis. This should not mean you need to take out a second mortgage.

Our philosophy is long term. One-off photographs are all about the “smiling” picture, but over the course of our relationship, we want to photograph a wide range of emotions. The last thing we want to do is provide parents with a carbon copy photograph of their smiling child, which was just shot 6 months earlier.

Whenever we speak to parents one year after their previous shoot, they always tell us their favorite photos once they looked back are the ones where their child is doing something different. One regular client said this; “At home my husband and always take pictures of our son smiling but Instant Memories does things like take photos when hes being shy or bashful” we never see that side of him because were his parents, we love what Instant Memories does for us.”

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